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Cat on  cat sofa

Looking for the best cat couch?
We are proud to present our
Luxurious, functional and just a little bit different cat sofas

Elegant, Cute, and beautifully designed Cat Couch Beds.
Made of a strong wooden frame, a soft polyester cushion, and a posh velvet fabric.
Our couches enrich the lifestyle of cats, true cat lovers, and home decor enthusiasts.

Felis Castello comfortable cusion icon

Comfortable Orthopaedic cushion

Felis Castello Elegand design icon

Elegant design

Felis Castello easy to clean icon

Easy to clean

Felis Castello handy storage icon

Handy storage compartment

Felis Castello High quality icon

Exceptionally high quality

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I sleep only on Felis Castello photo
Felis Castello approved by the experts icon

Approved by the experts

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